Touching Bases with Texas Woman’s University Black Alumni

As president of TWUBA I am joyously inviting you to check out what has been happening with the Texas Woman’s Black Alumni organization in this newsletter! 

What a year!

I greet you with this exclamatory statement because it seems so appropriate in describing this ever un-folding process.  Since our first official meeting numerous high points have occurred and they need to be shared:

  • Election of officers and appointment of committee chairs – April 2011
  • Planning and executing the 50 year celebration of integration at TWU (honoring the first graduates of African American descent) and winning the CASE Gold Award for the effort.
  • Networking event in Denton and three metropolitan areas, including Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston
  • Officially gaining 501 status
  • Endowing a scholarship with the minimum required amount of $10,000
  • Renewed focus on building the Mentoriong/Partnering program

The Executive Committee has indeed been busy and mindful of the commitment to act for the good of TWUBA.

Oh yes, we all understand that this has taken a lot of work and cooperation.  However, for just one second I am requesting that you take the briefest of a backwards glance to review how much we have accomplished in shaping this organization.  It is then that we can pause, just briefly, to realize how far we have come.  In that brief act of looking in our “rear view mirror” one can then catapult forward with renewed energy and recognize that we must continue to move forward in continued purposeful ways in fulfilling our mission. 

This newsletter contains information encompassing highlight of various Black alumni, updates of the work committees and other items of interest.

Know that incredible strength lies in a group of people working together toward a common purpose (We know how to do that, don’t we?).  Please remember that while we are still in the early stages, we must continue to build scholarship, support alumni and strive to fulfill the TWUBA mission.  Let us not stop now.  There is much to be done!

Special thanks to each of you who continue to recognize how to give back and share your resources in helping to support this group of TWU students who need our help more than at anytime in our history. 

Finally, special mention must go to Anne Scott, Director of Alumni Relations and to Glinda Shaffer of the executive committe for putting together this newletter.

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