Student Leader Profile – Brittney Verdell

       TWU Campus Activities Board President, Brittney Verdell

Brittney Verdell is a Senior student with lots of energy and lots of dedication.  As President of the Campus Activities Board (CAB), Brittney holds one of the most responsible leadership positions at TWU.  CAB, associated with the Student Government Association, oversees a very large budget funded from student fees which are spent on bringing educational and entertaining programs to campus for the benefit of all students.  And — Brittney is a single mom, mother of a 1 1/2 year-old little girl, living on campus in the Lowry-Woods apartment complex. 

This determined young woman is originally from Dallas where she “proudly graduated form the Great James Madison High School in South Dallas.”  She is the oldest of five children and because of that she says, “Being a leader was bred into me!”  At TWU and within CAB, Brittney has had the chance to develop her leadership skills by meeting challenges.  What she values most about being CAB president is the bond that has been created between her board members and the CAB volunteers.  She feels that they look up to her and respect her and don’t stereotype her as the typical young African American single mother.  “I have overcome that!” says Brittney.

Brittney decided to come to TWU after participating in a program called Education is Freedom (EIF) which encouraged her 2009 class members to apply to as many schools as they were interested in.  She was accepted to all 11 school where she applied but chose TWU because it was close to home and she received a good scholarship to attend.

The choice of her major, Social Work, has particular significance for her.  “Growing up, I have seen all forms of government assistance, poverty, and crime.  Personally, I would love to change policies that affect African American women.  Through my career I want to help African American women to establish a value of self worth and ambition.  Hopefully, in my future, I will become a Mayor so that I can build a diverse and educated community for minorities.” 

TWUBA wishes Brittney all the best and knows wherever she is working and leading, she will make a difference!

P. S.  – Brittney is particularly excited about the speaker that CAB is bringing to campus in the spring of 2013.  The name can’t be announced yet, but she will keep TWUBA informed!

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