A Message from the President

Greetings on behalf of the Executive Board of the Texas Woman’s University Black Alumni.  Another year of our existence and continued progress is about to be completed.  To all of you wonderful fellow alumni who are supporting this concept for our Alma Mater I am sending a heartfelt Thank you!  Stay connected and you will continue to see that by standing together we can scale new heights.  We are “on the map” and serve as an example for other groups.

You may have heard by now that our Chancellor and President, Dr. Ann Stuart, will be be leaving TWU in 2014.  Dr. Stuart has been a strong champion of  TWU, through overseeing an enrollment increase to over 15,000 students, and she has seen completed impressive new construction for the TWU campuses in Denton, Houston and Dallas.  The TWU presence in the State Capitol has also been made stronger through the efforts of Dr. Stuart.  She has truly been a fine leader for TWU who has also kept an ear finely tuned to hearing alumni.  TWUBA offers sincere thanks to her as we were founded during her administration.

Perhpas that you have read that all of the Texas Woman’s University alumni affairs is undergoing re-structuring under the Director, Anne Scott.  TWUBA is already happily operating within this new concept.  Under this concept there will be a number of ways to stay connected to the university and alumni may participate in as many groups as they desire.

TWUBA is celebrating a growing membership.  You are correct:  THIS IS RENEWAL TIME FOR MEMBERSHIP.  When we get your renewal you will receive a beautiful membership card for your wallet.  Basic dues cover operational costs such as gatherings, mailings, cards, etc.  We seek your continued support of helping us with contributions toward the TWUBA scholarship. Your donation above the basic level supports the scholarship endowment, one of the primary goals of TWUBA. This scholarship fund is a separate and on-going fund.  In this age of increasing expenses for higher education we are needed now, more than ever. 

You may also help TWUBA to continue to build a strong presence by giving a little quality time and volunteering to promote TWU through the organization.

My sincere wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season go to each one of you.   – Dianne