TWUBA Mentoring Initiative

Mentoring current TWU students to encourage them on their way to graduation and successful careers is one of the original goals of  TWUBA.  Executive Committee member, Claudia Deshay, has made great strides in formulating the design of the TWU Black Alumni mentoring program. Here is some information about the program from Claudia.


“TWUBA is developing a mentoring program to assist students in their adjustment to campus life, provide students with a network for healthy academic and social growth, and encourage students to contribute to the general TWU community.  The Mentoring Program will be a source for TWU alumni to share their educational and professional experience, knowledge and insights with students and with one another.

TWUBA will provide a number of mentoring options, including one-on-one mentoring and a new TWUBA Mentoring Portal. In addition to the opportunity to request mentoring, the portal will provide links to professional organizations, scholarships, blogs, conferences, and other professional activities and information.  Students and alumni will find information specific to their degree programs and professions.”

Here’s how you can participate:  E-mail Claudia at   Include in your e-mail what your degree and major were while at TWU, brief summary of your career responsibilities and attach your resume.  Claudia will be in touch with your regarding listing your name on the TWUBA website and to answer any questions you might have.


Claudia DeShay, TWUBA Mentoring Chair


Claudia DeShay earned two Library Science degrees from TWU, the master’s degree in 1993 and the doctorate in 2001.  During both courses of study, her focus was materials and services for children and young adults.  She taught courses for the School of Library and Information Studies as a graduate teaching assistant and as an adjunct faculty member.

A former Children’s Librarian for the Dallas Public Library, Claudia is currently the Education Librarian at UT Southwestern Medical Center, where she teaches Evidence-Based Medicine, Literature and Medicine, and other classes.  She also serves as liaison to several university departments, including the Department of Pediatrics and the Office of Medical Education.

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